The 2019 International Water Summer School was held at NMBU and USN 16 June – 6 July. 45 students from 12 countries participated in the course THT311 Water Resources Management and Treatment Technologies at NMBU from 17-27 June. The WaSo group left NMBU on 28 June to meet up with the WaSo PostDoc group from Bergen to participate in a course at University of South-Eastern Norway (USN) until their departure on 6 July.

The Summer School started with a conference on Sustainable Urban Drainage Solutions in Oslo, followed by an official reception in Oslo City Hall hosted by the Deputy Mayor of Oslo, Kamzy Gunaratnam. Photo: Nataly Sivchenko
Group photo from the International Dinner night where participants from each country were given the task to make traditional food from their home country. Photo: Anastasiia Nehrii
Group photo in front of the Faculty of Science and Technology (NMBU) after the Farewell dinner
Games were played after the Farewell dinner
WaSo group hiking in Telemark Photo: Tone Jøran Oredalen
Some lab work was also done Photo: Benard Mwanzia Isaiah
Planting of the WaSo tree at USN in Telemark Photo: Tone Jøran Oredalen